About Us

Hi, I’m Stephanie, so close to 41 years I could almost blow out the candles! 

I realise, like me, there are lots of mums feeling lost and confused about their personal style. We are time poor, have experienced life change as new mamas, a change in body shape and the way we feel about about ourselves.

I have three boys. Two with serious heart conditions, two with a bowel condition and two on the Autism Spectrum. I’ve never been good at maths, but that just doesn’t add many children do I have? Oh yes three!

Whilst health doesn’t define my boys, it does have a huge impact on me. With so many different doctors / hospital appointments to keep, there is little time for thinking about how I look, or even shopping... if I knew where to look.

This dilemma led to me exploring different labels, different looks and a simple way to leave the house feeling and looking fantastic every day.

Ta Da! A Capsule Wardrobe....Frenchie+Boss was born.

A way to help Mamas feel and look fabulous!